In response to requests from our original buyers club members we are changing our little club
to improve its function and accessibility. The new buyers club will enable members to pick their own personal buyers club day each month. No more having to wait for the first Saturday of the month just pick whatever day you want one day for each month of the year. The buyers club store wide discount of ten percent will now include two things previously excluded, Houshka cosmetics and pet food.  Sale items, grocery, hand and body, supplements, and unique gift items are all included and seniors still receive their five percent on supplements.

      Members of our new club will also be entitled to a free supplement analysis by Pam and/or Stephen. Bring in your bag of supplements or a very detailed list of what you take, (the actual bottles would be preferred) and we will carefully analyze whether there might be some duplication, easier ways to get better absorption, too little of an important nutrient, etc. and we will make some recommendations that might be helpful in improving digestibility and absorption possibly decreasing the number of pills. We normally charge forty dollars for this service, but it will be free for club members one time per year. 

       Last but by no means least members will receive our unique newsletter on or about the last day of the month in their email. As you all know it is both informative and creative and will continue to be improved throughout the coming year. 

       The fee to join the new club and receive your buyers club card which will be punched each time you use it is ten dollars per year. The added features should enable you all to recoup your investment in just a visit or two.  We think you'll find the newsletter alone to be worth the fee.

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NEW Buyer's Club Program!

(Starting January 1st 2017)

Terms & Conditions Apply*

     This program's been going strong for over 20 years and people love it! And it applies every day except Buyer's Club! The way it works is simple. When you spend fifty dollars on supplements (anything with an orange price tag) you get $5.00 off! If you only spend ten or twenty dollars on orange stickers we write it on your receipt and you hold onto it until next time. When you come back we add that ten or twenty or whatever to the supplements you buy that time and if it adds up to over fifty you get your five bucks off! That way every time you get a supplement you're always putting money towards your next discount! And it stacks, so for every hundred you get $10.00 off and so on an so forth. That's 10% off all supplements all the time! And it even rolls over. So if you're at sixty bucks, we subtract the fifty and write the remaining ten on your receipt for next time! 

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*  = The Buyer's Club Program cannot be combined with supplement rewards, or any other program. The Buyer's Club 10% off discount does not apply to special orders or gift cards and can not be combined with our military discount. The Buyer's Club 10% off can only be used once a month. If you lose your Buyer's Club card you will lose your discount for that month. If we do not have your name recorded and you ask for a new card you will be charged the entry fee of $10.00. The Buyer's Club discount does not stack, you can not save your punches. Every month the last month's discount expires. Also, our military discount cannot be combined with any of our programs. Any and all programs can be changed, or revoked at any time with or without notice. We keep your email and name in a secured file in both physicl and digital format. By signing up for the Buyer's Club Program you understand that you will be added to an email list an recieve newletters and emails from 

If there's something you really like but can find in the store? Don't hesitate to ask! We have a recommendation list, and if it's a popular recommendation we'll cary it for you! Otherwise look into special orders. You can get a case (sometimes they're not even that big) at HUGE discounts! Case prices are super discounted and they're a great way to stock up. In fact, if you know there's a few things you use a lot of case prices can be a better deal than Buyer's Club, and we do special orders every day! Not only that, it's not just groceries. We can special order almost anything that's in the realm of natural food, and organic supplements. Even hand and body products! 

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